VOTE WILSON on Nov. 3rd or by Absentee Ballot to keep our district strong and moving forward together.




Our Kids' Time is NOW!

I’m a dad in this district, with kids at Amerman Elementary, Hillside Middle, and Northville High School, so I understand the issues our kids, teachers and families face. As a scientist, lawyer, and former federal prosecutor for the U.S. Dept. of Justice in Washington, D.C., I know what it means to hold the public’s trust, and I can help our district find the right solutions to take us to the next level.

I am trained to absorb the complex facts, to see the bigger picture, and to be decisive, even with imperfect information. I WILL advocate and fight for what is right because OUR KIDS’ TIME IS NOW!


To learn more about Lindsey Wilson for Northville Public Schools, explore this site, like and follow on Facebook @LindseyWilsonforNorthvilleSchoolBoard and follow on Instagram @LindseyWilson4NPS

I respectfully ask for your vote on November 3rd or when filling out your absentee ballot. If you have any questions, please get in touch!


Campaign Events

11th District Youth Advisory Council
Northville Community Park
NPS BOE Candidate Forum
Virtual Event. See NPS Calendar for details
Pizza on the Patio
The Spurgeon Family Home
Pizza in the Park
Northville Colony Esates 1&2 Pavilion

Marty Testasecca

Business Owner & NPS Parent

Lindsey Wilson NEEDS to be on Northville's School Board. A level-headed thinker who will make critical decisions for our district. Lindsey rises to the top of the pack as a sharp, focused listener who deeply cares about our kids and their mental well-being. Lindsey will advocate for our kids--more than ever--especially now. He is a refreshing candidate and someone we need on our board. Northville students, teachers, and community members please like and support Lindsey and VOTE WILSON on Nov. 3rd. 

Angela Jaafar, Northville Board of Ed Trustee

I’d really like to rally support for Lindsey Wilson. I think Lindsey would bring a great dynamic to our Board Of Ed. He’s open minded, well rounded and has a diverse background in law and science. Please join me in supporting this great candidate. Please Consider a Vote for Lindsey Wilson for School Board!

Northville Education Association

Proud to have earned the NEA endorsement in support of my candidacy for Northville's School Board--the voice of Northville teachers. Many thanks to the NEA, its screening committee, and our teachers for this endorsement. I can't wait to get to work for our schools!

Matt Koleszar, Michigan Rep.

20th District (Northville Plymouth, Canton)

Lindsey Wilson is exactly the voice that is needed on the Northville School Board. His background with science and law, along with having a personal stake with children in the district is the perfect combo in these trying times. His focus on every student, and making sure no student falls through the cracks, makes him an ideal choice. I am proud to endorse Lindsey Wilson for Northville School Board.

Lori Costew, NPS Parent

I normally don't advocate for candidates, my only exception now is to share why Lindsey Wilson is the best candidate for Northville School Board. As a dad of four, lawyer, and empathetic human being, he is taking a systemic view of the importance of multiple topics critical to our school system (and property values). These include safety of our students in this COVID environment, the mental health implications/high anxiety rates many of our kids experience, positioning NPS to be an educational leader, and ensuring all students across the economic spectrum have access to foundational elements for academic success. As of now Lindsey Wilson is the only candidate running for the NPS Board that has earned my vote. 



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